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  • From Charles Merzbacher

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    Jill Rosadino's final film project from Merzbacher's Spring 2022 Production 1 class.
  • From FTv Production Center

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  • From Ludy Chen Shih

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    Helia Morris, Executive Director, and Myriam Castagne, Senior Research Navigator, from BU Clinical and Translational Science Institute introduce services available for…

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  • From Charles Merzbacher

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    A lecture for FT201 - Screen Language on montage and editing strategies.
  • From Charles Merzbacher

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    A series of scenes from A History of Violence [2005 - David Cronenberg, director].
  • From Charles Merzbacher

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    A short silent movie by Maria Yussef for FT353 Production 1. The film was produced during the COVID pandemic at a time when actors in BU student productions were…